The Yoga Room
The Yoga Room is a beautiful mountain Yoga Studio nestled behind Two Brothers Deli in Idaho Springs, offering dynamic yet therapeutic Yoga classes, retreats and workshops for all levels of ability.

Vibrational Sound Meditation with Danae Beaudette
Saturday, October 18, 5:00-6:00PM, $20.00.

Danae uses her Peaceful Warrior Gong, Chau Gong, ocean drum, rain sticks, tingshas, Tibetan bowls, and crystal bowls. She plays the gongs by themselves for awhile and integrates shamanic drumming, singing bowls, and other vibrational sound instruments to enhance the experience, making it a complete sound journey. You can expect to be transported to a deep state of relaxation!
While  lying down or seated comfortably, various instruments are played at different times throughout the session like a great cosmic choir, you feel immersed as if in a sea of sound and vibration that feels as if it is within and all around you. The tones and resonance play upon the body at the cellular, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels of your being.
Please sign up prior to event at Two Brothers Deli, call or email Cherie 303 905-2205

Anand Restorative  Yoga
Thursday, November 20, 5:30-7:30PM, $20.00
This annual class is offered just before the busy holiday season begins to remind yourself to "take care of yourself"!!!

It's like going to the spa but much cheaper!!!
You will be pampered as you move through backbends, forward bends, spinal twists and partial inversiond while supported by bolsters, blankes, blocks and chaire.  Poetery, visualization and aromatherpy are used to transport you into a state of bliss and contentment, while having countless benfits on the physical body.
Please sign up prior to event at Two Brothers Deli, call or email Cherie 303 905-2205